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Egyptian doctors conduct 8th free surgeries in Juba

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A team comprising of eight Egyptian medical doctors have started operations at Buluk Eye Hospital in Juba.

The surgeons arrived in the country yesterday.

Addressing the media at Buluk Eye Hospital Tuesday morning, health minister Dr. Riek Gai Kok said the team will be here for one week.

“They will conduct 40 operations for five days, all people who come here will be operated and this will never be the end.”

He said the doctors came under the initiative of the First Lady, Mama Ayendit.

“Mama Ayendit decided in collaboration with Egyptian government to bring here medical doctors in order to conduct diagnoses and operations.”

For his part, the Egyptian Ambassador to South Sudan said: “Both Egypt and South Sudan have comprehensive strategy in order to cooperate in the field of health.”

“This medical caravan is the 8th one, so it means that 7 medical caravans came to South Sudan before this.”