ECSS elects Justin Badi Arama as Archbishop

The New Archbishop of ECS, Justin Badi Amada/File Photo

The Episcopal Church of South Sudan on Saturday elected the Bishop of Maridi diocese, Justin Badi Arama as the primate and Archbishop.

Now confirmed as the church Archbishop, Justin Badi Arama succeeds Daniel Deng Bul who retired on Friday, as he announced in July last year.

Bishop Deng Bul retirement was approved by the House of Bishops on Friday, paving way for the election.

The retired bishop of the Arch Diocese of Rajaf, Enock Tombe, says Justin won against his challenger, Abraham Yel Nhial, the Bishop of Aweil by just one vote.

Out of 159 participants, he obtained eighty votes while his rival, Bishop Nhial got 79 counts.

The two were separated by 1 vote (80 – 79) for the post of ECSS Primate and Archbishop.

“There were only two candidates, the Bishop of Maridi, Justin Badi Arama and the Bishop Aweil, Abraham Yel Nhial and so after the voting he obtained 80 and the other candidate by 79,” said Rt. Bishop Tombe.

Archbishop Arama will now head the church for the next ten years according to the ECS canonical constitution.