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EALA Speaker calls on the region to help save S. Sudan’s image

The Speaker of EALA, Rt Hon Martin Ngoga delivers his acceptance speech

The region has to work to save the image of South Sudan, which the Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly said has been tainted wrongly.

Honorable Martin Ngoga made the statement during his visit to Juba to prepare for the next rotational sitting of the regional parliament scheduled to take place in Juba.

He said South Sudan is said to be an unsafe place, which is entirely not true.

The country might have security challenges, but not as others describe it outside there, added Hon. Ngonga.

That is why, he said, EAC will “work with you to improve the image of the country and certain narratives that are detrimental to your image”.

“One way we can try to work with you to change the narratives, is actually to conduct of our business right in the Republic of South Sudan.”

For his part, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Moses Hassan, expressed readiness to welcome members of the East Africa Legislative Assembly to conduct their first session in Juba:

“We want to change that perception with the help of EALA and other East Africa Community bodies.”

South Sudan was admitted into the East African Community as the sixth member state in 2016.

This will be the first time the country will host members of the EALA to conduct their session.