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Donors show ‘little appetite’ to fund S. Sudan peace process

UN Security Council Briefing on the Situation in South Sudan, Special Envoy Nicholas Haysom/UN

The international community is reluctant to finance the South Sudan peace process unless there is transparency and guns are silenced, says a UN official.

The outgoing Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan – Nicholas Haysom – said the revitalized agreement is “an important milestone” in bringing about a sustainable peace in the country.

He stressed that it has “narrowed gaps that seemed unbridgeable” and so it is up to the leaders to demonstrate political will in implementing the deal.

“The first step is to demonstrate their political intent by making the guns fall silent immediately and everywhere. Without such a sign, the international community will be reluctant to provide support,” he said while addressing the UN Security Council on Tuesday.

He said potential donors that he engaged with are also not willing to support the South Sudan peace process if there is no transparency:

“They have shown no or little appetite to fund this process unless there is clear provision to ensure transparency and propriety in financial transaction including accountability for past misappropriation of public funds.”

Mr Haysom, whose term ends in the next two weeks, called on the international community and donors to give South Sudan another chance by supporting it.

“Even where the agreement can be considered fraud, it could still be an effective platform for peace,” he stressed.

Mr Haysom added that an assessment of the sustainability of the agreement is necessary.

This includes its “enforceability, political accountability and trust level”.