Court dismisses last Terrain case witness

One of the witnesses, Jesse Onyango, identifying suspects involved in Terrain Hotel attack - July 4, 2017 | Photo | Emmanuel Akile/Eye Radio

The last witness to the Terrain attack has been dismissed by the prosecution at the military court after he failed to show up to testify.

Several witnesses, including the medical director of the Juba Teaching Hospital, have testified on the case at the court martial.

“The witness who was supposed to attend unfortunately got sick and transferred outside the country,” Col Santo Domic, Deputy Spokesperson of the SPLA, has said.

Today’s session was the 12th since the case commenced earlier this year.  The Terrain Hotel was attacked during the violence in Juba in July 2016.

The accused have been in custody for months now. They are accused of committing murder, rape, sexual harassment and robbery.

Other charges include destruction of the hotel and criminal trespass.

The victims of rape at the Terrain Hotel are expected to appear before the military court on August 23.

“One of the victims of rape is going to testify in a closed hearing,” Col Domic added.