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Citizens told not to abuse freedom of speech

Deputy Minister of Information Lily Albino, 24th Aug, 2018 | Eye Radio - Photo | Chuol Chris

The Deputy Minister of information has warned South Sudanese against abuse of democratic rights and freedom of speech.

Ms. Lily Albino says it is important for citizens to exercise these rights but this should not lead to hate speech

“Yes we want freedom of expression yes we want democracy but at the same time, we can’t allow hate speech to prevail just because we want democracy and freedom of expression.”

The deputy minister was speaking during a workshop organized by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan on the role of political leaders in combatting hate speech in the country.

Recent reports by the UN Security Council show that the 5-year conflict in South Sudan was partly fuelled by hate speech, with many people using derogatory words to describe tribes.

Such citizens, it says, used the social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to spread hate messages during the violence.

The deputy minister added that the national parliament will enact a law that will help combat hate speech in the country.

“Our parliament will look into it, how to enact the most appropriate laws for us as a country.”