Church leader calls on S. Sudanese to forgive one another

ADDIS ABABA, MAY 22, 2018 (CISA) – Bishop John Jok Chol of Akobo Diocese of South Sudan

A church leader is calling on South Sudanese to forgive one another as the country moves towards achieving lasting peace. 

The revitalized peace that was signed by warring parties last month is expected to end the 5-year civil war which has reportedly caused nearly 400,000 deaths.

Reports suggest that the conflict also triggered ethnic animosity across the country.

The ECS Bishop of Akobo Diocese – John Jok Chol – called on South Sudanese to come back to their sense and work for a lasting peace.

“I would like to tell South Sudanese that the independence we had is not a gift from anyone but we got that independence through struggle, and for that reason let us come back to our usual sense and work for a lasting durable peace to put our country together.”

He said now is the time to reconcile.

“We need what is called reconciliation when we reconcile we have to forgive one another because forgiveness is the healing process.”

The ECS Bishop was speaking at a public dialogue on peace and security in Juba on Tuesday.