Cholera kills six people in Tonj State

A boy herding animals at a pond in Marial Lou, Tonj.

The Health Officer of Makuach County in Tonj State says six people have died of cholera infections over the past three days.

Rialjok Akuecbeny says the cases were reported in a cattle camp in the county on Tuesday and received reports about the death on Thursday.

“We ruled that it is cholera because people starting vomiting and diarrhea. The outbreak started in the cattle camp Toch about 28km away from the village,” said Mr. Akuecbeny.

He said six others with signs and symptoms of cholera have been admitted at Marial-Lou hospital.

Mr. Akuecbeny says urgent medical assistance is needed in the area, also hampered by bad roads.

“To access the ‘toch’ is very a bit difficult. We are now preparing to inform the State Ministry of Health so that they forward this issue to the national government.”

Mr Akuecbeny called on both the state and national government to assist the people in the area.