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No celebratory gunfire on SPLA Day, soldiers warned

An army officer in Wau has warned all soldiers there against shooting in the air during the marking of the SPLA Day tomorrow.

The SPLA Day is a public holiday in the country and is celebrated annually on May 16.

It marks the day the Sudan People’s Liberation Army was formed, and it is commemorated every year in remembrance of a group of the then Sudanese soldiers who rebelled against the Khartoum regime in 1983.

During the day, some soldiers – out of happiness – shoot in the air.

But officials say this causes unnecessary panic and fear among members of the public.

Lt. Col Awan Deng Amuom is the SPLA Chief for Moral Orientation at the SPLA Division Five in Wau.

“We have received a strong order that there should be no anybody shooting in the air – even one bullet – during the day of the celebration,” Lt.Col. Awan said.

He told Eye Radio that any soldier who disobeys the order will be punished.

“He who will shoot one bullet during the day of the celebration will be considered a violation and will be accountable for that,” he warned.