HLRF phase II: Was it a breakthrough or deadlock?

| 10:29 am

The second phase of the High Level Revitalization Forum ended on Wednesday without a deal after parties submitted their positions on the bridging proposals on governance and security to IGAD.

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SPLA: Past, Present and Aspirations

| 5:14 pm

Exactly 35 years ago, South Sudanese joined by some Sudanese aggrieved by the government in Khartoum established the SPLM/SPLA.

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Desalegn tells S. Sudanese leaders to resign

| 8:22 am

Former Ethiopia Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has suggested that South Sudanese leaders “resign” for failing to resolve the conflict.

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Harassment continues

| 3:50 pm

Despite repeated calls by President Salva Kiir on organized forces to stop harassing motorists on the road, some continue to intimidate drivers.

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Nilepet serving gov’t war agendas – Report

| 6:15 pm

A UK-based research group says the economic drivers of South Sudan’s conflict, including the oil sector, should be the focus of the next revitalization forum

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“I’m sorry” -Kiir to the people of Pageri

| 5:44 pm

President Salva Kiir has lamented the impact of conflict in Pageri area.

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Kiir’s office rejects a biography of the President

| 11:16 am

The Office the President has rejected a biography of President Salva Kiir that is trending on the social media.

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UN accuses 40 S. Sudanese officials of war crimes

| 5:11 pm

UN Human Rights Commission says it has collected evidence to hold more than 40 South Sudanese officials accountable for war crimes

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S. Sudan prisons congested due to judicial delays

| 4:01 pm

Judicial delays have led to congestion in prisons across the country, according to the Director General of the National Prisons.

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Revitalization Forum hits another deadlock

| 5:53 pm

The second round of the high-level revitalization forum has hit yet another deadlock after SPLM-IO walked out of the talks

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