Politician Denay Chagor calls for parties commitment despite lack of funding

| 3:06 pm

Denay Chagor, the deputy chairperson of South Sudan United Movement  (SSUM],  a party member  of SSOA explains to Eye Radio’s Emmanuel J. Akile why South Sudan leaders should not wait  for funding from the donors    …

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Why top USAID official visited South Sudan?

| 10:14 am

In December 3rd, 2018, Jonathan Kamin of USAID’s Africa Bureau Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator was hosted by Eye Radio in Juba and he discussed the purpose of his visit to Africa and  South Sudan in…

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Eye Radio’s Joakino gives firsthand account of oil pollution effects in producing areas

| 3:58 pm

When one thinks about oil, the first thing that comes to mind is wealth and a more prosperous country. However, we do not talk about the health hazards that come with it, especially on the people living…

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Child bride spurs exorbitant suitors

| 3:53 pm

Several wealthy men are competing for a 17-year-old girl in Eastern lakes state, with one man willing to offer over 500 cows and 3 V-8s, the minister of information of Eastern Lakes has said.

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How Dr. Evan Atar’s journey began

| 12:02 pm

Dr. Evan Atar is a South Sudanese doctor who won UN award for treating Sudanese refugee in Maban hospital in Northern Upper Nile State. 

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Meet S. Sudan’s extraordinary blind man

| 2:20 pm

Have you ever stumbled upon a visually impaired headteacher who has not let any obstacles take a course of his faith

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Award winning S. Sudanese doctor to upgrade Maban health facilities using prize money

| 2:08 pm

The South Sudanese surgeon who won the UNHCR Nansen Award for 2018 said he would use the prize money to improve services at the hospital in Northern Upper Nile State.

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Parliament petitioned over conditions of students abroad

| 3:11 pm

A civil society group in Juba has petitioned the transitional parliament over the conditions of South Sudanese students in Morocco, Egypt and Ethiopia.

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Public apology

| 6:07 pm

On September 25, 2018, Eye Radio broadcast the news of the appointment of General Malek Ruben as the deputy minister of defense, who is currently sanctioned by the UN.

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One-on-one with SSFA’s acting Secretary General

| 5:03 pm

Eye Radio interviews the Acting Secretary General for South Sudan’s Football Association, Anthony John Loro.

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