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I can’t apologize -Alwatan chief editor tells S.Sudan Media Authority

The editor-in-chief of the Juba-based Arabic newspaper, Al-watan, Michael Christopher @ Alwatan Newspaper

The editor-in-chief of the Juba-based Arabic newspaper, Al-Watan says he will not to apologize to Sudan for publishing articles about the unrest in the country as ordered by the South Sudan Media Authority.

Yesterday, the media authority wrote to Michael Christopher, a warning letter for writing three separate opinion articles concerning the protest in Sudan this week.

He reportedly stated that the Sudanese government was humiliating its citizens.

According to the letter, the media authority ordered him to stop writing anything related to the situation with immediate effect and apologize within 72 hours.

The body described the conflict in Sudan as an internal political issue affecting a friendly neighboring country.

“They told me to write an apology letter to the government of Sudan concerning an article and I don’t think it was abuse of any beliefs, but it was just my journalistic opinion,” Mr. Christopher confirmed the order.

He said there was nothing wrong with the articles and will not apologize.  

“My position is that I cannot make any apology… our newspaper didn’t violate the rules of the media authority and the overall journalistic work in the country.”

 Mr. Christopher has up to Wednesday to comply.