AL Hilal fails to travel to Tunisia due to lack of funds

Al Hilal vs Al Salaam

South Sudan local football club, Al Hilal FC has failed to travel to Tunisia to play against its counterpart-Ben Gerdan, in a CAF confederation game due financial crisis.

The game was scheduled to take place on Saturday in Tunis, Tunisia’s capital city.

Al Hilal FC Secretary General, Salah Abu Doua said the failure to receive a cash cheque to buy flight tickets on time delayed the team.

Mr Salah said the club wrote a letter of postponement to CAF and Tunisia side, but both rejected the request.

“Hilal FC doesn’t have the ability. If the cash was in SSP, we would have done something. But this is huge money to Tunis; the tickets alone is about 58,000 USD,” he said.

According CAF regulations, failure by a team to participate in the match, it will be subjected to measures and other consequences to be determined by the Organizing and Disciplinary Committee of CAF.

This includes a fine of not more than five thousand US dollars.