Aburoc: Over ten cases of cholera reported daily

IDPs in Aburoc fetches water from a well. PHOTO//UNMISS/Janet Adongo

The medical charity, MSF, says it receives at least 15 cases of suspected cholera daily at its treatment center in Aburoc in Fashoda State.

The head of mission, Marcus Bachman, said the cases are part of an outbreak declared in the area two weeks ago.

MSF said Aburoch hosts thousands of internally displaced people who fled conflict in different parts of the state.

Mr. Bachman says one person has died of the disease and 400 suspected cases have been reported so far.

“We have had the margin of 400 cholera success cases submitted to our facility, of these, 200 are civility hydrated patients needing the required hydration,” said Bachman.

He added that MSF targets 17,000 people for vaccination in response to the outbreak.

“MSF is responding in Aburoc IDP camp to cholera outbreak in our clinic in Aburoc, what we call cholera treatment center.”

Mr. Bachman also said there 40,000 displaced people in Aburoch, but some of them have crossed the border to White Nile State in Sudan.

Cholera is a deadly disease caused bIDPy eating or drinking contaminated food or water. It can be prevented through proper hygiene and sanitation.

According to the latest report released two weeks ago by the World Health Organization, 157 people have died of cholera since the epidemic was declared in June last year.

Roughly 3,500 cases have also been reported in the six states affected by the outbreak: Jonglei, Eastern Lakes, Fashoda, Fangak, Central Upper Nile and Kapoeta.