4 Kenyans released from jail to go home today

Some of the 16 individuals sentenced to life imprisonment during a court hearing in 2016 | Photo | Emmanuel Akile/Eye Radio

Four Kenyan nationals who were sentenced to life in prison for their role in the loss of millions of dollars in the office of the President have been released.

According to the Kenyan Daily Nation, the four Kenyans were freed following talks between Presidents Salva Kiir and Uhuru Kenyatta last week during the swearing in of Mr. Kenyatta.

On Tuesday, the Kenyan Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary, Monica Juma, arrived in Juba to ascertain their release.

Unconfirmed reports from within Juba say the four were hosted in a certain hotel in Juba last night before their scheduled flight to Nairobi today.

Anthony Mwadime, Ravi Ramesh, Boniface Muriuki and Anthony Keya are among 16 people that were charged by South Sudan’s High Court for embezzling 14 million US dollars and 30 million pounds.

In September, six individuals were acquitted by the Supreme Court and the rest had their jail terms reduced.

In October, the families of the convicts extended a letter to Eye Radio, calling on President Salva Kiir to pardon those arrested on grounds of serious and life-threatening social, health and humanitarian issues affecting their convicted relatives.

It is not clear under what circumstances the four Kenyan nationals were released.

But according to the Kenyan media, the individuals will be received by the Kenyan government upon arrival, and taken for debriefing by government officials before being allowed to reunite with their families.

The Kenyan ministry of Foreign Affairs is also expected to officially give details of the matter thereafter.

Eye Radio’s attempts to get a statement from relevant government sources in Juba were not successful.