2 wounded after youth raided police station in Twic

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Two people were wounded when a group of youth reportedly raided a police station in order to release their colleague in Twic State.

Turalei County Commissioner said some youth leaders suspected of instigating violence among the youth were being held in the police custody.

Those detained were accused of rejecting a move to replace them as leaders of a youth association in the former Twic County.

“There was the issue of the youth chairperson with his deputy who were accused of mobilizing people against the county government,” said Commissioner Santino Amol.

The police took them into custody when they mobilized their supporters to reject the new leadership of the association, he added.

As a result, their supporters forced their way into the police station and freed them.

“A group of youth who name themselves J-1 who were organized by a community leader attacked the police station, and they forcefully released those who were arrested,” said Mr Amol.

He told Eye Radio that the police who were overwhelmed, shot live bullets,-wounding two people.

Despite this, the violent youth managed to free their colleagues.