2 S. Sudanese referees to take charge of 2019 CAF game

Malong Ring, one of the two South Sudan referees to take charge of a 2019 Africa Nations cup game

Two South Sudan referees will take charge of the 2019 Africa Nations cup game between South Africa and Seychelles.

Malong Ring and Gasim Madir Dehiya will join Berhe Tesfagiorghis from Eritrea to take charge of the game.

The two South Sudan officials were selected by African soccer governing body CAF after some impressive work in previous assignments.

The two will leave the country on Thursday for the much anticipated game which takes place on Saturday 13th October.

Mr Ring said it’s his joy to see his dream come true as he always wanted to be seen on the international stage of the game one:

“Am happy that my dreams are going to be true because I have always wanted to participate on the international stage when it comes to football.”

On the work of refereeing, the young and talented Malong said he also prays other South Sudanese Referees will one day showcase their works on the international stage too.

But Malong said it’s hard work and seeking for more knowledge on the game that can propel on to the top cause the game changes every day.

“It has not been an easy journey for me; it takes a lot hard work for one to reach this stage. For my colleagues they have to always work hard and seek more knowledge on the game which changes every day,” he said.

Last month, Malong Ring was part of a CAF referees training which took place in Rwanda.