A dozen juveniles on trial for killing


12 Juveniles are undergoing trial at the mobile court in Juba prison.

The children are accused of involvement in a juvenile fight at Walawalang – a few kilometers north of Juba early this year, leaving one child dead.

The police then arrested them in February this year and they are being held at the main prison, awaiting trial.

Godfrey Victor is the executive director of the Justice and Human Rights Observatory.

The body offers free legal aid to those who cannot afford to hire lawyers to represent them in the court of law.

“The session of today was for us to present a medical assessment age because there is a big dispute in regard to the investigation,”he said.

Victor said the ages of the children ranges from 13 to 17, but the court adjourned the hearing to 29th of this month.

The reason he said is to enable “the court and us [the human rights advocates] to cross-examine with a representative from the medical commission the procedures of the assessment of age.”

According to the constitution, anyone who is a child has a special consideration.